Invertical technologies offers a portfolio of holistic services and capabilities

We take the complexity out of Cloud, IoT and Cyber security, define the right strategy and provide turn key development and consulting projects .



Innovation programs for startups

Software Development Services

Our strategy is to operate as a technology solution provider and offer consulting , turn key development professional services and smart Offshore services using our NDM methodology .

Nearshore Development Management :

Benefit Innovative Israeli CTO , Product and Project management along with affordable and available Offshore development teams

  • Option to work with Local Virtual CTO and projects management
  • Reduce costs in salaries and infrastructure
  • Innovation and quality
  • Solving Time zone differences working with people overseas
  • Saving time on new hires training and ramp up journey
  • No new infrastructure or working space required
  • Auto-scaling the R&D team

Cyber Security and IOT Professional Services

Invertical Technologies focus on providing system designing , development and Integration Services in IoT and cyber security .

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both cybersecurity and IoT domains .we stay ahead of the curve, adopting the latest technologies and methodologies to counter evolving cyber threats.

We tailor services to meet the unique security needs of your IoT environment. And prioritize open communication, transparency, and collaboration with our clients.

  • IoT Security Assessment:
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your IoT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and assess overall security posture.
  • Risk analysis and recommendations for mitigating potential threats.
  • Secure IoT Design and Implementation:
  • Design and implement robust security measures during the development and deployment phases of IoT solutions.
  • Integration of encryption, access controls, and secure communication protocols.
  • Penetration Testing for IoT Devices:
  • Rigorous testing to identify weaknesses and potential exploits in your IoT devices and networks.
  • Detailed reports with recommendations for remediation.
  • IoT Security Policy Development:
  • Customized development of security policies and procedures tailored to your specific IoT environment.
  • Employee training programs to ensure awareness and compliance.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
  • Assistance in aligning your IoT systems with industry-specific and regional regulatory requirements.
  • Regular audits to ensure ongoing compliance.


MVP Program for early-stage startups :

Inverticals MVP Program is designed for entrepreneurs and early stage startups who are interested in developing an MVP or prototype product with minimum risks and affordable budget. Our DNA and state of mind is “From Idea to MVP in 6 months “ and the program is designed exactly to meet that goal , Inverticals framework will take your idea and concept into a commercial product .

Our team of experts will help you build a state of the art development and production environment according to your specification and needs .

What you will get
  • 6 months dedicated development team and project management services
  • Technical and business analysis consulting
  • UX/UI design consulting
  • CTO As A Service
  • AWS Promotional Credits
  • Du Diligence ready technical and product documentation
  • Legal and accounting services (optional)

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